About us

Swan Bakery is a famous brand in Japan, was born with the purpose of supporting the unfortunate, unfortunate life in life, especially those with disabilities and difficulties in finding a job. and have a stable life. With the safety and nutrition criteria, 100% imported raw materials from Japan, Swan Bakery system wants to bring the best value for customers in Vietnam.

🍁With luxurious, youthful and modern design, it is suitable for meetings with friends, birthday parties, warm, dating, early sun and see Saigon at night.

⛄️⛄️Swan Café & Bakery Vietnam 1: 

+ Address: 5 Nguyen Trai, Ward. Ben Thanh, Dist. HCM

+ Hotline: 028.38277790

⛄️⛄️Swan Café & Bakery Vietnam 2: 

+ Address: 6 Le Lai, P. Ben Thanh, Dist. HCM

+ Hotline: 028.38277793